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The objective of Raising RM3 Million

We are raising RM3 Million for building plan purpose.
The building plan is as follows:

1. Daniel Training Centre

We provide academic, vocational training, character-building and programme in Multimedia subject (Sijil Kemahiran 1,2 &3).

2. Retreat Centre

Multi-purpose hall and dorm can be used to host camp and retreat for any association in Malaysia.

3. Aquaponic Farm

Students can learn about ecosystem in Aquaponic farm and harvest can be supply to kitchen.

4. Camping Concept

To raise awareness of teenagers on the abilities to get survive in natural environment.

5. Counselling room

A dedicated place for counselling which suitable for individual, family or group.


Daniel Training Centre

To purchase a piece of land for the Daniel Training Centre in order to provide a good environment for learning and leisure. This new centre will able to accommodate more youths. The present training centre is located at a shop lot where, due to space constraints, or 35 students are crammed into this small premise and with limited toilet facilities. 10 youths are on the waiting list unless we can find more space to accommodate the additional headcount. We really need to the resources to meet the needs.

We wish to network with the community in order to see our goal come to pass and be a blessing to our community, even our country. We know your support can help us to do more. We want to see more healthy youths rise up and contribute to the future of our country.




Current condition of Daniel Training Centre


Hostel 宿舍




 Using the 1st and 2nd floors  of a shop-lot for 35 students, the current hostel is not a proper environment, in terms of space and safety.
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  1st and 2nd floor of hostel
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Place for washing and drying laundry
There are only two washroom on each floor for 35 students. It takes 2 hours for all students to finish shower.

Classroom & Canteen 课室 & 食堂

The classroom and canteen space available for 35 students are only 40′ x 60′
仅有40′ x 60′ 尺大的读书环境及食堂提供给35位学生。20150703_164417
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