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The purpose of Daniel Training Centre

Daniel Training Centre, which is registered under Persatuan Kebajikan Komniti Harapan Selangor (PKKHS), is established to help these problematic youths who have been neglected by society and who have lost their direction in life. We focusing on character-building and guide them back on the right path in living a purposeful life. The training we provide will help them to find their direction in their life.



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Objectives :

  1. Assist and follow up the youth who are unable to complete their studies and improve their academic performance.
  2. Provide a good environment for needy youth.
  3. Assist and guide teenagers to pursue their education and prepare these youths for their future careers.


  1. 跟进以及帮助一般无法继续在学校完成学业的少年,加强孩子们的表现。
  2. 为贫穷家庭及需要帮助的孩子,塑造一个良好的学习环境。
  3. 协助已缀学的少年继续进修,栽培孩子将来在社会上的工作表现能力。

Goals :

  1. Assist the youth to know the truth and guide them to seek proper direction through various activities.
  2. To build up good and truthful character and attitude.
  3. Cultivate communication skills.
  4. Help the youth find and reach their full potential and talent through various activities and training.


  1. 藉着各种的活动,更认识真理,寻见人生正确的方向。
  2. 以正确价值观作为塑造以及建立良好品格的基础。
  3. 教导少年人与人与人之间的相处之道以及沟通方式。
  4. 透过各种训练与活动,发掘少年的潜能。