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Aaron Leong
19 y/o

In the year when I was 9 years old, my father unfortunately left us because of an accident and my brother was only 7 years old. On Father’s Day that year, I realized that I was missing my father.

Whenever I see a father talking and laughing with a child, I start to complain to God, “Why do I have no father?”

In the process of growing up, mothers need to go to work and cannot take care of us. Therefore, my brother and I often fight and get into troubles everywhere, which really stuns my mother.

When I came to the Daniel Training Centre at the age of 12, I felt very warm in the church. What impressed me deeply in the church was the enthusiasm and care of everyone. At the same time, I gradually understood what God did for me. Because of this love I have been changed. When my mother saw my change, she shed tears.

After 4 years of basic education and training, when I was 17 years old, Daniel Training Centre (PKKHS) supported me go to Montfort Boys Town, Shah Alam
for electrician technical training and I completed the training in two years.

I am very grateful that God’s hand has not left me and has been guiding my steps and future. I also want to help more children who are worse than me to share the love of God to them.






12 岁那年我来到但以理训练中心,在教会里我感到十分地温暖。大家对我热情的关爱就是我对教会最深刻的印象。我在教会更深地认识了这位神,渐渐地了解祂为我所做的一切,祂的爱也触摸了我、改变了我。

妈妈因为我的改变而感到欣慰,她亦因此感动地流下眼泪。经过4年的基本教育,在我17岁那年,但以理训练中心(PKKHS)支持我到 Montfort Boys Town, Shah Alam 接受技能培训,我也在两年内完成了电工技术培训。