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There is an increasing social problem among the youths of today : skipping classes, dropping out of schools, joining secret societies and getting involved in criminal activities. They are despised by society. It is common nowadays to hear youths committing suicide. These are tragic acts and sadden the hearts of many. How can we help them ?

现今社会的少年问题每日增多,逃课,加入私会党,缀学,贩卖毒品,偷窃,吸毒等等的问题使到他们被这个讲究学业文凭的现实社会淘汰,远远抛在后头。在不被接纳,被忽略的情况下,他们只好选择继续自暴自弃。那么试问,有谁愿意向他们伸出爱心之手,帮助这班所谓的边缘少年脱离困境呢 ?


Some youths just want to run away from reality, choosing to end their lives. On 22 May 2014, a Tunku Abdul Rahman university student, who was only 20 years old, jumped down from the 18th floor of his apartment and died instantly. Although the real reason for his decision to end his life was unknown, it was a great loss and caused grief to all his loved ones.

陆续有数位少年以了断自己的生命来逃避在现实社会中遇见的问题,令人感到十分难过及可惜。其中一宗的案件在2014年5月22日,一名20岁拉曼大学生自杀案,死者林楷健从住家公寓的18楼走廊跃下,当场丧命。尽管自杀原因不明 ,但他所选择的这一条不归路,确实对其家人,兄弟姐妹,造成了极大的伤害。


Another incident that also caught world attention was a 21-year old university student, Zheng jie. On 21 May 2014, he brutally killed four ad injured 24 passengers at the Taipei MRT station. When interrogated by the police, he admitted to having suicidal thought.

另一起引起全世界关注的事件是,21岁大学生郑捷在台北捷运站随机杀人案,造成4四24伤。 这起事件发生在2014年5月21日,杀人手法极为残忍。在接受警方盘问时,他向警方自白:[我从小学时就想自杀,不过没有勇气,只好透过杀人被判死刑,才能结束我这痛苦的一生。]